19 Squadron now Online!

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19 Squadron now Online!

Post  Skip19 on Fri Sep 18, 2009 9:52 pm


19 Squadron was finally formed on 18 September 2009, and our first sortie was a complete success, 1 kill and 3 RTB's for the Section!

Big thanks to Gizz for keeping me focused, and some good tips to get the Squadron up and running. Check your PMS Gizz, I have a couple of questions for you...

Anyway it was a great start to our campaign, shooting down the mighty conqueri and once we get into the swing of it I hope we get many more nights like that.

Sorry I had to shoot off, hopefully we can sort out a permanent squad night and time so we can have a dedicated 2 hours or so where most people can get on - let me know your thoughts!


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Re: 19 Squadron now Online!

Post  Gizz on Sat Sep 19, 2009 2:13 am


This is awsome news guys good friggin job!!!, you have done the hardest part by just getting operational, i didnt tell you at the time but thinking back of the our formation it was a bloody nightmare LOL... affraid

as for your first sortie, sounds like you guys had a ball and nice job on taking conq's head Very Happy really pleased for guys i really am, now grab every pilot you see ingame not in a squadron, you will soon be at combat strength...

ill put the rest in the PM reply Dojo, dont want all our squadron secrets out in the open eh? hehehe Laughing

top draw chaps, keep at it Smile


"CO" 92 squadron


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