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Random Squad Night Video!

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Random Squad Night Video! Empty Random Squad Night Video!

Post  MJDixon on Thu Oct 06, 2011 9:12 am


Here's just a random montage of clips I took on the first squad night since I got a new PC for University (which can actually record WW2OL with Fraps without reducing the FPS to 3!)

This is clips from our squad night a few weeks back near the end of the last campaign:

(1080p dont'cha know - actual rendering quality seems a bit off though, I'll have to fiddle with it a bit...)

As for that first bounce, I don't think I've ever missed quite as completely as that from quite as close before. Razz

Although that 109 seemed a bit odd!

Random Squad Night Video! J0QzPxH

"I look forward confidently to the exploits of our Fighter Pilots - these splendid men, this brilliant youth, who will have the glory of saving their native land, their island home, and all they love, from the most deadly of all attacks."

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Random Squad Night Video! Empty Re: Random Squad Night Video!

Post  Dezey on Thu Oct 06, 2011 10:03 am

Nice clear vid MJ. Must be a nice PC ! Remind me to break my mike ! I didnt realise I had a Brummie accent lol

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