Sunday the 4th December 1940

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Sunday the 4th December 1940 Empty Sunday the 4th December 1940

Post  speedy77 on Tue Dec 06, 2016 8:58 pm

Myself and Red 1 scrambled to join up with Reds 3 and 4 who were already airborne. After regrouping we were vectored to patrol at 30k near Dungeness and meet up with a flight of Hurricanes. We were then all vectored to intercept an incoming raid over Selsy Bill area. The raid being spotted the hurricanes began to head to the bombers, Red 1 then reported two high contacts heading towards the Hurricanes. Tophat cleared us to engage, and we dove in. The pair of contacts separated as we approached, so Red 1 stayed with the port contact and I followed the starboard. My contact seemed to be in a shallow dive heading for a contact, but I was gaining slowly. I aware that I was being pulled lower and further and further away from the rest of the flight, so I decided to fire from further out that I would have liked. I noticed some strikes, but no visible damage was apparent. He did however break and dive out, so I broke off and climbed north east to regroup with the rest of the flight.

After reforming, we were vectored towards London. We spotted a lone 109 and made a few attacks but, he evaded and with the flight running low on fuel we decided not to press on with the attacks, and RTB.

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Sunday the 4th December 1940 Empty Re: Sunday the 4th December 1940

Post  hinkel1 on Tue Dec 06, 2016 10:02 pm

PO Razy ( red 2 ) and myself ( red 3 ) started our patrol without red 1 ( sqdrn ldr Dixon ) who was having engine problems.
Tophat vectored us towards manston area were high LW pressence was reported. We found several contacts ( 2 110 and at least 1 109) just south east of southend but were discovered when making our approach. The 110's were diving out and in order to avoid their fighter cover to be in top of us we disengaged North west and reform with Red 1 and Red 4.
After we were vectored towards Dungeness to provide high cover for a squadron of hurricanes on there way to intercept an inbound raid. Just off coast we encountered several 109's and engaged. I managed to fire a 3 second burst in deflection towards a 109 en saw several hits but only caused minor damage. It was very cloudly and all 109's dove away into the could back. Being short on fuel we vectored to home base to RTB.

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Sunday the 4th December 1940 Empty Re: Sunday the 4th December 1940

Post  MJDixon on Wed Dec 07, 2016 12:02 am

Good show chaps.

You're a bit late though as I've already sent the report to Group - I might write up a combat report later on and send that as an addendum. Laughing

Sunday the 4th December 1940 J0QzPxH

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Sunday the 4th December 1940 Empty Re: Sunday the 4th December 1940

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