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Flying Escort Empty Flying Escort

Post  MJDixon Fri Aug 03, 2012 8:57 am

Now it was our first time escorting tonight, so we're allowed to be crappy at it - but managing to get lost during the escort is pushing it a bit. Laughing

What we had tonight was the escorts and the bomber, and all the escorts took off and tried to keep their eyes on the bomber - problem with this being that all the escorts were then flying around on their tod in the middle of the sky (being as they can't watch the bomber and watch eachother at the same time), so would have probably been bounced and killed if the Huns were actually there (which thankfully they didn't seem to be.) Or, as happened a few times - upon losing sight of the Bomber they got completely lost and couldn't be guided back to the Bomber, as nobody knew where they were!

What we should have done is have the the Escort Flight together, lead by the Escort Leader - his job is to keep his eyes on the Bomber (as opposed to navigating, as he would have done in a normal fight - as now it's the Bomber's job to navigate) and the other Escort members simply maintain formation with the Escort Leader, and look for contacts - much as they would in a normal flight, simples!

That way the Bomber is covered, and the Escort is covered - and everyone knows where everyone else is.

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Flying Escort Empty Re: Flying Escort

Post  hinkel1 Fri Aug 03, 2012 6:55 pm

sounds like a plan Smile

now i have to practice my altitude bombing Smile

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