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Post  MJDixon on Thu Jul 08, 2010 5:59 am

...is the 19 Squadron Radio Callsign, if Battle of Britain 2: Wings of Victory is to be believed. Razz

(i.e. "Lorag Squadron, Vector 215")

Just a random boring fact for you.

Here's a picture to make the thread more interesting:

Presumably that must be Speedy. Wink

(Although according to Wikiage the Radio Callsign was LUTON, and 242 was LORAG - so whichever you prefer. Razz )


"I look forward confidently to the exploits of our Fighter Pilots - these splendid men, this brilliant youth, who will have the glory of saving their native land, their island home, and all they love, from the most deadly of all attacks."

- Winston Churchill

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