Speedy AAR: Thursday 13 October 1940

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Speedy AAR: Thursday 13 October 1940  Empty Speedy AAR: Thursday 13 October 1940

Post  speedy77 on Fri Oct 14, 2016 10:06 pm

Sortie 1 - Red 3
Due to technical issues with my alarm clock, I arrived on duty very late. Red 1 and Red 2 were already up and being vectored over the channel in pursuit of enemy contacts. I was only able to offer a covering roll over Dungeness as they crossed back over the south coast.

Sortie 2 - Red 2
After lifting we received RDF reports of a 10+ raid heading towards the IOW area. Setting course we proceeded to climb to 28K, our intention to arrive at high alt to deal with any escorts over the raid. The RT was full of friendlies also reporting the raid and heading that direction. Arriving over the IOW the there was thick cloud cover. As it cleared we spotted the raid south east of the Island. We could see there were already friendlies engaging He111s, so we held station to cover. Once it was clear there were no escorts, Red 1 directed us to dive and make a head on pass. Selecting a target I dove in, but it was not a good angle and I broke starboard and climbed. We then watched in horror as two friendlies collided while attacking the same He111. Spotting a straggler, we then commenced a section attack. Red 1, and Red 3 making passes first, then I made my attack from his stern and made good hits resulting in him flaming and going in. I then turned to RTB while Red 1 and 3 continued the patrol. Shortly after leaving formation I spotted a lone He111 and moved to attack. Unfortunately, technical issues forced me to disengage, so Red 1 and 3 dispatched the raider. I then returned to home-plate safely.

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