look what i found in the hanger

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look what i found in the hanger Empty look what i found in the hanger

Post  greg1488 on Thu Feb 02, 2012 5:57 am

yea, started as a 4-5 vs 4 of us. some on comms. battle progressed an i found myself alone with that spit. was trying to close on him quick, but he held it in, and we just turned and turned and.. well you get it. hed close on me, me on him. white knuckle action, until i got the calls everyone was dead. was kinda hoping they would bug off, and just leave us to fight. but sadly no. still funny to watch 3 spits fly around us trying to shoot my almost stalled 09, while we stayed locked in our turn. was just starting to come up on him to kill him when his buddies shot me down.

that was posted by kilo14 today Smile

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