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"alderangriff" AAR 30/05/11

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"alderangriff" AAR 30/05/11 Empty "alderangriff" AAR 30/05/11

Post  speedy77 on Tue May 31, 2011 1:01 am

Speedy had just started his second bowl of lucky charms, when the phone rang. Cursing his luck for still not getting a free toy, he answered.
“Get your kit, lets move!” Mj barked down the line. “Wilco, rgr, S!, okey dokey, in a minute soon” replied speedy.

Jumping on his bike he raced to the squadron dispersal hut. He parked his bike and as he reached for the door handle he realised he hadn't taken off his bicycle clips. Not wanting to look foolish he quickly took them off and entered the hut, only then remembering he was still wearing his he-man pyjamas.
“err...what's the flap about?” he asked. “The Bastards are up to something!” replied Mj.
“heinkels 15+ reported over Anterwerp, nice hat.” said voodoo. Voodoo, was new to the squad after a spell with the yanks. Good sort thought speedy, but with egg on his hat so you had to watch your Ps and Qs.

Yozz another new chap hadn't showed yet. He had been recruited from the army, and still preferred to sleep outside in a dugout rather than the squad's luxurious nissan hut, also his tendency to shout “take cover!” and dive under a table during MJ's war film nights was a little off putting. Still he was a good stick and his kills were mounting.
Dezey, had returned from and extended leave of absence to find himself. Unsurprisingly he had actually found himself frequenting the finest bars ans clubs of Amsterdam. How he managed to evade Jerry whilst there nobody knew, but Dezey's film night now had a Dutch twist that was very welcome.
The CO was away on a covert mission in enemy territory, for which he had assigned himself yet another codename Skip19. Everyone had agreed the hun hadn't a hope of cracking that code, as they waved him off shouting “cya skip, 19 squadron is safe in our hands.”
With Greg still in the bath, MJ couldn't wait any longer so with a “well don't just stand there get one up!”
Speedy, MJ and Voodoo ran to their spit 1a and scrambled to meet Jerry. Climbing East from Ramsgate, Speedy's engine gave out and was forced to ditch leaving MJ and Voodoo to go on alone.

Arriving back at base Speedy ran over to his ground crew Britney. “god damn it man!, what did you do to my engine...get me a new plane pronto. Ever since those yanks showed up you haven't been on the ball, I know they're after our beer but keep your mind on the job. Anyway it's our poor women who should be worried. And what's with the long blonde hair, I told you to get a hair cut months ago, and those overalls look too tight. I've seen you coming and going from the WAAFs quarters a few times, their fashion tips will mess with your head, believe me. Cut it out.. clear? Good chap, now fire her up.

Mj and Voodoo had returned from the first clash unscathed and a couple of kills each. “like shooting rats in a barrel,” “you'll be in a bar...” MJ stopped short as the call to scramble again came in. This time MJ, Voodoo, Speedy, Dezey, Yozz and Greg, fresh from the bath, all lifted to meet the might of the Luftwaffe.

Climbing East over the Channel they crossed the French coast at angels 20 and vectored to meet the second wave of bombers. Joining a friendly wing MJ said “this should give them something to think about!.”

Spotting contacts at 16K over Knokke, 19 squadron dove into the fray. Speedy followed Voodoo in the dive and as voodoo lined up on a 111, a 109 latched on his six. Speedy pulled his protesting spit to around to draw a bead on the 109 and firing from 150 yards saw multiple strikes on the hun's kite. The 109 banked away, leaving him Speedy continued after Voodoo who was now attacking the starboard section of 111s. Speedy saw a 111 heavily smoking after Vooddo first attack and now, Speedy latched on to a 111 raking the starboard engine and wing before pulling up to avoid a collision.

A true melee now ensued with 109s streaming in to cover the bombers and the Spitfire twisting and turning. The radio was full with chatter, “attacking” “break break!”. Speedy now attacked another 111, scoring more hits but desperately trying to keep energy pulled away. Lining up on a third 111 Speedy was hit in the legs, firing as he past the 111 he had no choice but to dive out of the mix and rtb. The rest of the squad were separated and it was now every man for himself. Greg was last seen diving on a 111, MJ, Voodoo and Dezey all diving out to RTB. Dezey was followed down by unsporting 109s and hit just short of Knokke airfield.

Speedy returned safely with 1 109 confirmed. A number of other kills were confirmed to the squad, and none of the bombers got through to their target. So musing on a job well done Speedy downed his ale, put his bicycle clips on, checked his stabilisers, removed the sticks from his wheels and head home for tea and cake.

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"alderangriff" AAR 30/05/11 Empty Re: "alderangriff" AAR 30/05/11

Post  MJDixon on Tue May 31, 2011 10:31 am

Good show, Speedy!

Shame about the mechanical issue just before the first battle - but at least you made it for the second one and were first into the scrap! Very Happy

Just like back in the Battle of Britain!

I imagine something like this when I read the continuing adventures of Mr Speedy, Flying Ace:


"alderangriff" AAR 30/05/11 J0QzPxH

"I look forward confidently to the exploits of our Fighter Pilots - these splendid men, this brilliant youth, who will have the glory of saving their native land, their island home, and all they love, from the most deadly of all attacks."

- Winston Churchill

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"alderangriff" AAR 30/05/11 Empty Re: "alderangriff" AAR 30/05/11

Post  voodoo1 on Thu Jun 02, 2011 5:30 am

56thFG and ourselves did some co-ordination.. enabling them to lure fighters.. while we turkey shoot Twisted Evil


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"alderangriff" AAR 30/05/11 Empty Re: "alderangriff" AAR 30/05/11

Post  Dezey on Thu Jun 02, 2011 9:31 am

Brilliant stuff Speedy as ever. I hope you are saving all these as they are worthy of an award !


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"alderangriff" AAR 30/05/11 Empty Re: "alderangriff" AAR 30/05/11

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