Pegasus Co-Op Campaign Mission 01: 'The Battery'

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Pegasus Co-Op Campaign Mission 01: 'The Battery' Empty Pegasus Co-Op Campaign Mission 01: 'The Battery'

Post  MJDixon on Fri Feb 02, 2018 4:09 am

Here's the video of the first mission of our campaign:

Both objectives were completed, the battery was taken and the guns inside were all destroyed, and the village was secured.

Total losses were 4 men killed, 3 critically wounded, 5 wounded and 2 lightly wounded:

Platoon HQ Section (Broadsword):

Platoon Leader - Lt. Michael Dixon - UNINJURED
Platoon Sergeant - Sgt. Patrick Frost - DEAD (12)
Runner - Pvt. James Nichols - UNINJURED
Signaller - Pvt. Danny O'Connor - UNINJURED
Medic - Pvt. Andrew Larkin - UNINJURED
Mortarman - Pvt. Sebastian McKendrick - UNINJURED
Mortar Asst. - Pvt. Antony Givens - UNINJURED
AT Gunner - Pvt. Jeremy Levine - UNINJURED

1. Section (Danny Boy):

Section Commander - Cpl. Jackie Campbell - CRITICALLY WOUNDED (29)
Rifleman - Pvt. Brian McKay - UNINJURED
Rifleman - Pvt. Andrew Taylor - UNINJURED
Rifleman - Pvt. Thomas Sykes - UNINJURED
Rifleman - Pvt. Owen Adams - DEAD (18)
Rifleman - Pvt. Henry Givens - UNINJURED
Rifleman - Pvt. Alfred Hawkins - LIGHTLY WOUNDED (97)
Bren Team Leader - LCpl. Francis Patterson - UNINJURED
Bren Gunner - Pvt. Oscar James - UNINJURED
Bren Asst. - Pvt. Richard Tanny - UNINJURED

2. Section (Foxhound):

Section Commander - Cpl. Owen Everett - DEAD (13)
Rifleman - Pvt. Jack Dixon - CRITICALLY WOUNDED (46)
Rifleman - Pvt. Jack Bennett - UNINJURED
Rifleman - Pvt. Craig Miller - LIGHTLY WOUNDED (98)
Rifleman - Pvt. Ian Armstrong - WOUNDED (51)
Rifleman - Pvt. Nathan Jackson - UNINJURED
Rifleman - Pvt. Sebastian Larkin - WOUNDED (66)
Bren Team Leader - LCpl. Thomas McKay - DEAD (10)
Bren Gunner - Pvt. Jon Reynolds - UNINJURED
Bren Asst. - Pvt. Keith Givens - UNINJURED

3. Section (Mandrake):

Section Commander - Cpl. Andrew Hardy - UNINJURED
Rifleman - Pvt. David O'Connor - CRITICALLY WOUNDED (40)
Rifleman - Pvt. Marcus Nichols - UNINJURED
Rifleman - Pvt. Alan Campbell - UNINJURED
Rifleman - Pvt. Vincent Adams - WOUNDED (68)
Rifleman - Pvt. Peter Taylor - UNINJURED
Rifleman - Pvt. Alexander Kerry - UNINJURED
Bren Team Leader - LCpl. Harold Walker - WOUNDED (56)
Bren Gunner - Pvt. Christopher Franklin - WOUNDED (54)
Bren Asst. - Pvt. Quentin James - UNINJURED

Which leaves us at 26 men fit for battle, although we lost a few NCOs, such as the Platoon Sergeant, two Section Corporals and one Lance Corporal, so I'll have to work out how that should work as far as oganisational structure goes.

I think for the village attack we should have tried to coordinate better, so we could support Hinkel's section attacking from the North, although he was engaged by the Western  strong point, so that made it difficult - we also need to get better at controlling our AI units, as they were lagging behind quite a bit (a lot of that was due to the pathfinding in the bunker area, however), we'll probably use the command and control mod from now on to make the AI control better.

The computer performance was quite bad during the battery assault, but that was the main set piece battle with a lot of custom placed buildings etc, so the future missions should be easier on our PCs.

Also I think I might have shot Speedy at 39 mins into the video as he was between me and the German, but then again Speedy was the only Section Leader to survive the operation, so maybe I should shoot the rest of you next time as well. Laughing

Last note, apparently 'shit' is the go to phrase to use when you get killed.

Pegasus Co-Op Campaign Mission 01: 'The Battery' J0QzPxH

"I look forward confidently to the exploits of our Fighter Pilots - these splendid men, this brilliant youth, who will have the glory of saving their native land, their island home, and all they love, from the most deadly of all attacks."

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