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Noob needing help  Empty Noob needing help

Post  Taran_Welsh on Sat Aug 08, 2015 1:29 am

Hi I'm new to il2 cliffs of Dover I'm english and live in the south of England I was hoping to join the 19 squadron I can fly the spitfire but I just need to have some more practice and learn the hurricane. I've played over 200hours of sim in warthunder and I plaued the older il2s If anyone can help me to join a squad or to help me learn the game that would be brilliant. Thanks.


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Noob needing help  Empty Re: Noob needing help

Post  MJDixon on Sat Aug 08, 2015 4:05 am

Hi Taran, welcome to the forum.

We'd be happy to fly with you and help you learn the game, we're primarily a Spitfire based Squadron anyway (when they're available), so I wouldn't worry too much about not having learned the Hurricane, as the rest of us haven't had much time in it either. Smile

You say that you're new to IL2 Cliffs of Dover, are you aware of the Team Fusion Mod? If not then it's a crucial part of flying Cliffs of Dover Multiplayer, as it brings a number of imporant improvements to the game, and most (if not all) multiplayer servers and squadrons use the team fusion version of the game, here's a guide to help with the setup:

Team Fusion Mod Setup

As a Squadron we fly in Cliffs of Dover on Tuesday and Thursday evenings between 7:30pm UK time and around 9:40 - 10:00pm, Thursday is our main squad night, where we take part in a large organised Battle of Britain simulation each week, where as Tuesday is usually when we fly Blenheim bombers - we also often do things on a Sunday evening, but that usually includes playing other flight sims and games, with training usually done on an as needed basis.

In Cliffs of Dover we pretty much exclusively fly on the Storm of War Server, which is a campaign based Battle of Britain Server, which includes things like Human Ground Controllers, and assigned Airfields for each Squadron, with supply levels and such, in fact the first full campaign there will be starting 1 week from now, you can find more information on that here:

Storm of War

You say you've played the previous IL2 and Warthunder, I don't have any experience of Warthunder myself, but I imagine the realism level is similar to the old IL2, if so then the main differences you'll likely find in flying in Cliffs of Dover will be Engine Management and Navigation, which we'll be able to help you to get the hang of.

At the moment things are a bit quiet due to the summer time and the wait for the start of the new Storm of War Campaign, but as I said we mainly play Cliffs of Dover on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and use the Storm of War TeamSpeak 3 Server which is at:

Password= stormofwar

So feel free to drop in and join us on one of the squad nights, we'll be in the 19RAF (LUTON) sub-channel in the Red Team Section, or post here if you have any questions at all. Smile

Again, welcome!

Noob needing help  J0QzPxH

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Noob needing help  Empty Re: Noob needing help

Post  hinkel1 on Sat Aug 08, 2015 4:30 am

welcome taran,

Il2 cliffs of dover is something to get used to if you are used to fly warthunder. Still once you got the hang of the basics it is great fun.
We also put a lot of effort in surving.
Mj is even leader on the hall of fame on the storm of war with an impressive record Smile and he is still on his first life when we started flying on the server.

We also try to work together as much as possible.

I am looking forward to seeing you online so we can teach you a thing or 2 Smile

Also you can allways add me on steam if you like then you can immediatly see when we are starting cliffs of dover ( from that moment we go to ts as well )  ( steam name 19RAF conflict (QV-C) ( or (QV-H)  on tuesday )

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Noob needing help  Empty Re: Noob needing help

Post  speedy77 on Mon Aug 10, 2015 6:40 am

Hi taran,

welcome to the forum.

I think MJ and Hinkel have said it all really. We are an easy going bunch, with the emphasis on realism and fun without taking our selves too seriously. I look forward to flying with you soon.


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Noob needing help  Empty Re: Noob needing help

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