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Cliffs of Dover

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Post  Skip19 on Thu Jun 05, 2014 8:13 pm

Ay up Dezey me old duck!

Hows it going? It's been quiet, only really the four of us left now and I had a year or so off as well, and I've not been back on that much since then anyway, real life and all that.

CLOD is great, tricky to fly and stressful but MJ and Hink seem to handle it ok. It's very realistic, there are no GPS maps, icons or halo's, so you have to work pretty hard just to stay in formation, and any contact with the enemy usually involves me getting hopelessly lost, so a bit like RoF but with bigger engines.

WWIIOL went a bit south, Hinkel cancelled his subscription and now only flies 'free' as far as I know, (restricted to hurricanes in lower tiers and spit 1s in the higher tiers??).

Falcon was a bit of a non-starter, obviously with not having the time to fly WWIIOL or RoF I was always going to struggle with getting a Falcon fighter squadron up and running.

We lost yozz and greg to that other squadron and never really recovered from that, then when you went AWOL as well it was hard to get a decent flight up.

It's a shame really, the original plan was to get loads of pilots signed up flying all these different sims, then that way anyone could log on and fly a sortie in RoF, or jump on WWIIOL, or fly a mission in Falcon or whatever all as 19 RAF.

Are you planning a bold come back then, Dezey?? Very Happy 

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Cliffs of Dover - Page 4 Empty Re: Cliffs of Dover

Post  hinkel1 on Fri Jun 06, 2014 2:52 am

hi dezey good to hear from you.

We still hold our little group together. With having my daughter things changed a lot from me. I had a few months of relative inactivity and last months we not really as long playing sessions as before. Since 2 days my daughter is sleeping the night trough without a late evening meal so that last thing might improve a little again  cheers 

WW2ol for me is not what is should be anymore. To little activity. Allmost no bombers activity and even enemy fighters are even hard to find at times ( not even at 30k feet )
So yeah I changed to a free subscriptions which is ok in the early tiers but not the late ones. ( spit I agains an FW .... )
Since we started clod I have not really even played ww2ol any more.

Clod is not easy i can tell you that. MJ seemed to master it allready. I do fine but have to learn all over again to shoot in a descent way and navigating over land is a bitch. ( got lost for 40 minutes in a blen the other day without finding out my exact location. Also engine managment is far more complex. But activity is good ( most times 80-100 players on a week night ) and we are having good fun. There is even a Ai server so you can intercept bombers flights  Twisted Evil Twisted Evil 

Hope to see you soon in the air.

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