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Red Flight 'A' Section 19 RAF took off from Acremont AF near Brux. for BARCAP mission between Axis held airfields at Hallschlag and Bitburg.

Reports of heavy enemy air activity over the towns of Clervaux, Houffalize and Wiltz.

1st Sortie

Took off and flew N towards Champlon, entered the combat area at around angels 18. No snappers around so we dropped it down to angels 12, saw a few 109s around below us but upon engaging they rolled under the cloud and disengaged on the deck back towards Bitburg. These 109s played cat and mouse with us in the clouds, MJ managed to smoke one quite badly and got a confirmed kill on a 110, and I got hits on a couple of 09s but without seriously damaging them.

Regained Alt west towards Gouvy, encountered 3 109s working as a pack at angels 18+ - both parties took hits and we disengaged back towards Wiltz, one 109 getting too close to the friendly archie and was destroyed.

2nd Sortie

Took off and flew SE towards Luxembourg, again entered combat area at around angels 18. no sign of enemy air so we BARCAPPED closer to Bitburg, managed to engage two 109s lower than us who stayed for the fight, MJ dispatching one and myself claiming the other. More 09s were spotted lower in and around the cloud layers, but no more engaged and we RTB'd.

3rd Sortie
Took off and flew straight to target, no contacts above town so we engaged low targets beneath the cloud layer, MJ again claiming 1 kill and myself getting good hits on a single 109, we RTB'd to Brux for Tea and Medals!

Total Kills -

1 x 110
4 x 109s

0 Losses. 1 Spitfire damaged on landing after sticky landing gear lever Razz

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