22 Oct 2012, Resupply and Ground Attack

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22 Oct 2012, Resupply and Ground Attack Empty 22 Oct 2012, Resupply and Ground Attack

Post  Acroyer on Tue Oct 23, 2012 10:06 am

Logged in and found closest airfield to the action was Maubeuge. Upon checking local supply, saw 5 Spit Mk1s, and 3 Spit Mk2s...that's it. Asked in Side channel if anyone could move brigade for resupply, got no response. Asked if anyone could set up mission from Clermont to Maubege, 60 Ftr Sqdrn, and was directed to the AirOIC. PM'd him and got 'is Away From Keyboard' message as a response.

Decided to see if I can open a Brigade and create missions..turns out I can! Made myself a mission from Clermont to Maubeuge, set orders as "Get highest level Spitfire that you can, fly to Maubeuge, land and despawn. Repeat."

Ferried 1st Spit V to the airfield and reported it delivered in 55 channel. Got response from AirOIC at that point, asking if I still needed a mission set up. Thanked him and said no I have one now, ferrying planes forward etc. Brought another Spit V to field without incident. Was good practice taxiing and landing. While bringing 3rd Spit V to Maubege, bballok32 took over as AirOIC and asked if anyone knew of airfields that need resupply. I sent him PM and explained why I was ferrying planes. Shortly there after, he swapped 75th and 76th Squadrons, so airfield was resupplied. I delivered 3rd Spit V, then changed brigade to support attack on Val-de-something or the other. Little village down in the south of France, apparently hip deep in enemy tanks, infantry, and boats.

Lifted in Hurri2c, flew southeast, then east, then approached target area at 11k. Saw a single 109 on the deck below me, but apparently he did not notice me at all. Reports of many EFMBs at the docks shooting up our ground troops, so I went down and dropped an egg on one, strafed another. Came around for another run and saw extremely heavy flak firing in my direction, so I aborted and went east. Climbed to 8k and returned from southeast of town. Dived in on a pair of EFMBS and discovered it was a flak trap, multiple AA guns were deployed on both sides of the river right where the boats were anchored. Dropped the second bomb and strafed a boat from stem to stern as I went by. Both boats were burning when I took a bunch of small caliber hits and began to bleed out. I was unable to regain control of the aircraft and crashed on the western edge of town, behind friendly lines.

Friendly ground troops reported that both EFMBs I set on fire despawned...but AAR shows only hits, no kills. scratch

Wife sat a plate of food down next to me, along with a frosty beverage, and I promptly lost my will to fly.

Good - got several chances to practice my taxi/take off and execute proper landings. Got 'attaboy' from HC types, which never hurts our Sqdrn reputation. Bombed and strafed some enemy boats and generally stirred up trouble on the river. TrackIR working, but I seem to be sitting way back in the Hurri2c cockpit when it's active.
Bad - got shot down without getting any kills. Should have loft bombed on second pass, since they were now aware of me and watching for me. Violated rule #9, paid with my life.

"9. Don't reengage targets that are now aware and maneuvering against you."


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22 Oct 2012, Resupply and Ground Attack Empty Re: 22 Oct 2012, Resupply and Ground Attack

Post  hinkel1 on Tue Oct 23, 2012 6:26 pm

good aar

it sucks when you are sure you get the kill ( like the flaming boats ) and its not awarded.

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