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04 October, CAP over Andenne

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04 October, CAP over Andenne Empty 04 October, CAP over Andenne

Post  Skip19 on Fri Oct 05, 2012 8:33 pm

19 RAF arrived at the front expecting a quiet night. They couldn't have been more wrong!

The night began quietly enough, enemy destroyers were shelling the town of Waalsorden, and although 19 RAF were keen to strap on the bombers and send them to the bottom of the Scheldt Estuary, it was felt pertinent to send a recon force consisting of two spitfires (myself and mjdixon) and a single D520 (flown by our Belgian 19 RAF officer Hinkel, currently on loan to the AdA)

By the time we arrived over the town, a single Havoc was harassing the destroyers, whilst a single 109 was in turn harassing the Havoc.

Due to the Spitfires relatively higher speed and altitude, Pilot Officer Hinkel dove on the 109, and after a few turns managed to shoot it down. This attracted the attention of another 109 who attacked Hinkel, damaging his fragile french aircraft.

Myself and MJ then pursued the 109 back to his airfield at Vlissingen, my own aircraft locking up as I approached speeds of 450 mph. Luckily the enemy pilot decided on a slow barrel roll defence, and I was able to bleed speed by slipping outside his roll, and as he hit the bottom of his roll I was able to fire a short burst, hitting the wings and fuselage of the 109.

The 109 attempted to evade further, but eventually crashed into the sea off the coast of Vlissingen.

As this was going on and Hinkel was RTB at Brussels, we heard of a right old dogfight going on over Andenne and Hastiere. We quickly returned to Antwerp, and formed up again heading in to Andenne.

Orders from the top brass were that the bridge over the Meuse must be destroyed, even as German engineering teams were working to keep the bridge intact. Jerry forces were under seige in the buildings around Andenne, and they were countering with heavy armour over the bridge.

A couple of DB7's and a lone Havoc were working on keeping the bridge down, and we spotted a pair of 110 'Zerstorer' fighters giving them grief, so myself and MJ decided to drop down and give them a taste of their own medicine, MJ taking one and myself the other.

As Hinkel arrived in his D520, the air over andenne began to heat up - first a stream of bombers, Ju-87's and He-111's, followed by a swarm of angry 109s.

The three 109s flew in below us to attack a DB7, and our three aircraft section dropped in on them, MJ destroying one and Hinkel another, and my 109 (through accident or carelessness) flew straight into the ground, although the DB7 was unfortunately destroyed.

Another 110 then appeared, which MJ destroyed, and a further Stuka was shot down by P.O Hinkel before we RTB'd for more ammo, a total of 6 confirmed kills and 1 probable.

During the flight back to Brussels, we began to hear reports of a massed armada of 109s that had descended on Andenne.

After landing at Brussels for a quick squirt of petrol and the armourers working hard to fill the Brownings with .303 rounds, we lifted again and headed back in to the fray.

This time they were waiting for us - seven, eight, nine 109s, two or three of them low over town, maybe four or five waiting at angels 10 and another three or so perched on high.

We did our best, slashing into the lower 109s as the higher ones jumped down on us. The sky was a blur of aircraft and tracer fire. The radio crackled with 6 calls.

I do not know how long the air battle lasted. Hinkel went down after taking out a couple of bombers. I saw several 09s go in north of the town, but without seeing who shot them down. We were cleared several times by friendly bofors guns, and at some point a Jerry transport aircraft landed near to our forward lines (which MJ strafed just in case).

Suddenly the air was clear and MJ and myself limped home, short on ammo and nerves. I'd damaged several 109s and a stuka, and MJ had only managed to shoot the defenceless devastatingly overpowered flying gunship JU52, but the town of Andenne was now in allied hands.

Probable tally - (unconfirmed)

3 110's
2 Stuka
1 Heinkel
7 109s.

04 October, CAP over Andenne 7tPzDNa

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04 October, CAP over Andenne Empty Re: 04 October, CAP over Andenne

Post  speedy77 on Fri Oct 05, 2012 9:04 pm

Outstanding work gentlemen! Very Happy

That sounded like a damn good show, with lots of ea to be had. Recently we've escaped a few of these melee's without losing many pilots, which is damn good flying in my humble opinion.

Shame I couldn't join you, but I had to watch Liverpool get stuffed Mad However, I did manage a couple of early sorties over Waalsorden, clearly before the main event!, bagging 3 109s to add to the list. The highlight was, saving the hide of a lone Havoc who was twisting and turning all over the place, making killing the 109 rather difficult. Eventually I downed the 109, and the havoc pilot promptly thanked the AA gunners in the town! bloody cheek.

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