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AAR 9 September Empty AAR 9 September

Post  speedy77 on Fri Sep 14, 2012 8:43 pm

Here is the AAR from Sunday 9th September. Somewhat delayed, because of the ink shortage at the front due to the war and the nearest Staples store being in German hands.

19 RAF were tasked to investigate, vague reports of a possible RDP raid skirting the southern flank of the front. Speedy77 was on readiness and was scrambled to investigate. Hinkel, being caught short, scrambled five minutes later. The possible contact had a head start continued heading west toward Amiens. Speedy pursued and eventually spotted a lone 111 north of Amiens already on it's bomb run, diving in Speedy fired a 2 second burst of mg and cannon into the huns port wing, which exploded nicely and sent the 111 spiralling down. In the meantime Hinkel had been vectored to intercept a second possible contact further south; and MJ on hearing that enemy rdp was a foot scrambled to join the pursuit. All three pilots now formed to hunt for the southern contact, which seemed to be heading Spain. With the contact that far south Speedy and MJ decided to rtb. Hinkel, showing admirable dedication decided to continue the hunt on his own. Speedy and MJ headed NE to rtb, only to be met with yet another reported contact heading directly towards them, vectoring to intercept they began another hunt. After a lengthy search, Speedy spotted another lone 111 at 12K, calling it in, he dove to attack and yet another 111 will not be returning to hunland.

19 RAF then carried out a number of patrols around the front, Speedy bagging another 111 and MJ and Hinkel bagging 3 109s between them. Totals for the night 3 He-111s, 3 109s. No loses. Job done. Ink supplies replenished.

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