11th September Landrecies/Catillon CAP

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11th September Landrecies/Catillon CAP Empty 11th September Landrecies/Catillon CAP

Post  Skip19 on Wed Sep 12, 2012 8:46 pm

Catillon was under fierce axis attack, and bombers from 19 Squadron were despatched to take down the bridge and prevent german armour from reaching the town.

2 Havocs dropped their bombs on the target, severely weakening the structure, and a second wave of french bombers completed the mission, destroying the bridge completely.

Although low cloud cover and rain caused both sides visibility difficulties, 19 RAF ran an hour long CAP over Landrecies/Catillon, fighting through the thick clag.

Pilot Officer Hinkel claimed 2 109s destroyed, whilst Sqd Leader Skip bagged a single 109 E1 and 3 other damages.

At this point the clouds cleared, the rain stopped, and the Luftwaffe went home. As of 12th September both Landrecies and Catillon are still in allied hands.

11th September Landrecies/Catillon CAP 7tPzDNa

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