04 September. First Contact

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04 September. First Contact Empty 04 September. First Contact

Post  Skip19 on Thu Sep 06, 2012 9:08 pm

19 Squadron detailed to patrol area over and around Phillipville. Massive enemy push south of Andenne backed up by Stukas Heinkels and 109s. AdA Pilots repoting very difficult to perform Close Air Assault operations due to high enemy air concentration.

Myself and Speedy took Red Section, MJ and Hinkel took Blue Section.

Entering the fray at angels 10 we received a request for assistance from a Badger Squadron pilot being harried on the deck near Cerfontaine. Blue Section dropped down and assisted, causing one 09 to ditch with engine damage.

Red Section stayed over Phillipville but we only saw friendly contacts. moved East at 15,000 over Flavion and Dinant, where we were bounced several times unsuccessfully by a single 109 E4. Blue Section climbed and were able to engage the 09 who disengaged West and was eventually despatched.

Blue Section returned to Brussels to rearm, and as 19 Squadron reformed we engaged two 109s co-alt north of Namur. Both 09s were summarily despatched, and Red Section RTB'd to Brussels for fuel and ammo.

total of eleven (11) 109's destroyed in total, a single Stuka and a single 110. Blue Section taking 11 and Red Section counting for 2 of the 109s. MJ's spitfire damaged and forced to land near friendly lines. Hinkels spitfire also damaged and crashed in allied territory. Both pilots rescued.

04 September. First Contact 7tPzDNa

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