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Post  MJDixon on Sun Jan 29, 2012 12:11 am

Not only are we going to be classed as war criminals by the Red Cross, now we're going to get PTSD! Razz

War or gaming fun? Spot the difference

Although, I haven't been on leave for more than three years you know! Shocked

I do sometimes feel a bit knackered and have to have a 5 minute break after a realy tough dogfight sometimes though, but that's probably cause I'm a lazy bastard. Wink

And I've been playing Operation Flashpoint, then ArmA, then ArmA II for 11 years!

I best go see the Medical Officer. Razz

The Horror! J0QzPxH

"I look forward confidently to the exploits of our Fighter Pilots - these splendid men, this brilliant youth, who will have the glory of saving their native land, their island home, and all they love, from the most deadly of all attacks."

- Winston Churchill

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