Squad Night and Training

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Squad Night and Training

Post  Skip19 on Sun Sep 06, 2009 9:00 pm


well gents, we have some interest and maybe even enough to get the squadron up and running. In order to do this, I'll need to find a time when I can get enough numbers on to create the squad.

Currently interested parties -


(anyone who is already in a squad and just wants to run with us can come and help us create the squad if they like!)

if you can register with the forum (if you haven't already Very Happy ) and reply here, we can organise a date to all be on together and get these squad tags. It will make things a lot easier when looking at the map etc!

I know mm20luv is away until Tuesday of next week, so after then - if you can all let me know when you can be on we can get started!




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