S! 19th, here's a little about me.

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S! 19th, here's a little about me.

Post  Carolina on Sat Jun 25, 2011 4:18 pm

Hello, I'm Carolina, as in North Carolina, USA. Just so everyone can get to know me better. I've been around WWII Online since 2001, but have been gone due to my health. I'm in a Healthcare/Rehab Center now, better known as a nursing home. I find myself up at different hours due to my back and hip pain, I hope it's ok to fly while on pain meds Wink. Back to the game stuff, I was an Allied lonewolf for a long time, then joined up with the 94th Armored Brigade after it came over to the Allied side, but that squad soon faded out several years ago, I was it's last acting CO. Before WWII Online, I enjoyed military flight sims by Janes, but I liked the Microsoft flight sims also. I hope to get back in game as soon as I finish building my new gaming computer. Then I'll be able to fly with the 19th or maybe one of your sister squadrons. I'm strictly Allied, so no matter where I end up, we'll be fighting on the same side. S! And happy hunting!

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Re: S! 19th, here's a little about me.

Post  voodoo1 on Sat Jun 25, 2011 7:32 pm

S! Welcome to our forum, Best if you drop MJ a pm and we can work out something which suits you best.

19 RAF attributes.

We are a squad who acts like a family, we nurture every single member of this squad, and we liase as a team together and with other squads.

Mjdixon is the acting squad CO currently.

Will get him to give you a hint over what would be best :p


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Re: S! 19th, here's a little about me.

Post  MJDixon on Sun Jun 26, 2011 2:11 am

S! Carolina

We'd be glad to have you with us if you want to join - you mentioned sister squadrons as well, so you might want to have a look at 121 'Eagle' Squadron, they are pretty much the same as us (we share similar tactics and ideas, use the same teamspeak server and have a joint squad-night) the only real difference is that 121 'Eagle' Squadron are a US timezone RAF Squad of mostly US players, so if you're in the US it might be easier for you to find more people who are on at the same time as you, although you do say you're up at different hours.

Here's the link to their website if you're interested:


Vanguard4 is usually the chap to talk to over there.

Of course if you'd still rather join 19 Squadron we'd be glad to have you with us!

Nice Mustang, by the way. Very Happy


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Re: S! 19th, here's a little about me.

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