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DCS Simple Radio Standalone Empty DCS Simple Radio Standalone

Post  MJDixon on Thu Jul 26, 2018 12:19 am

The Storm of War missions are going to start using the Simple Radio addon, so we'll also use them for our training sessions, here's the link for the download (You'll need to re-download even if you already have it, as it will require updating since the last time we used it):

Simple Radio Standalone

Click on the first asset in the list to download (at the moment it's 'DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone-'), then to install or update just unzip the folder and run 'installer.exe', here's a more in depth tutorial if you have trouble or want to know more:

For the WW2 Aircraft (Mustang and Spitfire) you'll likely only need to map the key for 'Push to Talk - PTT' and audio channels for the first four channels, as the WW2 aircraft just have fixed radio frequencies (set by the mission creator) with a single transmit button.

DCS Simple Radio Standalone J0QzPxH

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