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Post  MJDixon on Sun Feb 04, 2018 11:30 pm

These mods are by no means strict requirements, as DCS allows you to have a few client side mods and still remain compatible with everyone else in multiplayer (which will show a green shield on the multiplayer page), but they're certainly recommended:

Sound Mods

P51 Sound Mod

Spitfire Sound Mod

Skin Mods

19 Squadron Mustang Skin Pack
19 Squadron Training Mustang Skin Pack
19 Squadron Harrier GR.9 Skin Pack
Personal Harrier Skin Pack
Harrier GR.5 1990s Skin Pack
Generic Modern Harrier Skin Pack
1, 3, 4 Squadron Harrier GR.9 Skin Pack
71 Squadron Harrier GR.9 Skin Pack

DCS Mod List J0QzPxH

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