Graviteam Tactics AAR / Video Series

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Graviteam Tactics AAR / Video Series

Post  MJDixon on Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:42 am

Seeing as I've bought all these games and the Eastern Front is the in thing these days I thought I might as well actually play them and do some AARs of them. Razz

Starting in Chronological Order as the Soviets/Allies, first is Graviteam Tactics: Operation Star - Volokonovka 1942, an 8 turn Operation starting on the 1st of July 1942.

Each turn is 4 hours, and the battles themselves can last up to 3 hours (i.e 3 hour battle, then the next turn takes place one hour later).

Here is a cinematic video AAR of the first battle:


July the 1st, 1942

Troops of the German Sixth Army have broken through the Soviet defences and are now advancing towards crossings on the river Oskop near Volokonovka. In their way stand elements of the Soviet 343rd Rifle Division, who must delay the German advance long enough for the 158th Tank Brigade to arrive.

Starting Positions

Turn 1 - 08:00

At my disposal I had an entrenched Infantry Company, consisting of 5 Infantry Platoons and a HQ Platoon, supported by an Artillery Battery - I also had a few Maxim guns, ATR rifle squads and an AT gun, which I assigned to the Infantry Platoons, as well as support from off-map artillery. The first armoured reinforcements will arrive at 12:00 at the South East corner of the map, with additional reinforcements arriving at 24:00 and 08:00 tomorrow morning from the East/North East, until then I'll have to make do with what I have in the village.

I considered two options for the start of the operation, I could either dig in and hold position in Odintsov Village and make a stand, but risk being encircled and destroyed, or I could immediately attempt to withdraw to the East and counter-attack once the armour had come up. In the end I decided to make a stand, as I would probably be unable to cleanly withdraw with the German troops so close, and the ensuing battle would leave my infantry without any trenches - as such holding the Village would likely slow down the Germans more, as they would have to remove an entrenched enemy, and my orders didn't say anything about my troops being alive at the end of the battle (plus comrade Stalin wouldn't like it if I withdrew without a fight!).

Having made the decision to stand and fight the only unit I moved during the initial turn was the artillery battery, which I moved to the East just in case the battle went badly - as then they would then have more of a chance of withdrawing.

Soviet Movements

German Movements

In response the Germans have decided to launch an attack on the village from the North supported by troops from the South, whilst at the same time are attempting to cut off the Village from the South East.


Odintsov Village
08:00 Hours

Elements of the German 79th Infantry Division are moving to encircle the village of Odintsov and crush the Soviet defenders within. The 158th Tank Brigade are still several hours away, and so the defenders must hold their ground...

Given that the Germans seem to be attacking from the North I put two of my Infantry Platoons in a trench line on the Northern outskirts and Western Flank of the village to cover the main road, each platoon supported by a Maxim gun, with one AT gun and artillery piece near the centre of the line.

I also spread out one platoon inside the village itself, facing South - in case the Germans on that side tried to infiltrate and attack my line from behind, with an additional Maxim gun and artillery piece on the hillside on the Eastern Flank of the line, supported by a scout squad - from where they could cover the Southern/Eastern approaches.

Two of my Five Infantry Platoons were not within the battle radius, and so did not take part.

The Centre

The Western Flank

The Eastern Flank

The South

Battle Beings

It didn't take long for the battle to kick off, as my Maxim position on the Eastern Flank spotted a group of Germany Infantry manoeuvering on the hill opposite them at 08:02, presumably they were trying to move around to attack from the East, but had been caught in the act.

Luckily for me the Germans had decided to move right through one of my three pre-planned artillery targets, so a barrage was only 30 seconds away.

German Infantry on an open field! The incoming shells forced the Germans to run for cover, making them easy targets for my Maxim and scout squad.

Unluckily for me my artillery piece on the Eastern Flank had deployed out of position and had to be dragged to the right place, during which the crew came under fire from a German machine gun on the opposite hill, which wounded a number of the crew and forced the others to flee to the East.

In an interesting development my retreating gun crew came across some Germans who were themselves fleeing from my artillery barrage and took them prisoner. May their cowardly heroism be an example for all Soviet soldiers!

The West

By 8:06 this initial engagement was beginning to die down, at that point however a second group of enemies were spotted approaching our lines on the Western flank, opposite to the initial engagement.

The infantry assault was supported by at least one Panzerjäger

The situation as of 08:15

The fighting resulted in the loss of our only anti-tank gun.

The Panzerjäger inflicted a number of casualties on the Western part of the line before it could be tracked and knocked out by ATR teams, after which a second artillery barrage was called on it and the advancing infantry in an effort to relieve pressure from the line - as this was an ad hoc barrage it would require a 4 minute call time.

Finally the barrage came through, and forced the Germans to fall back from the Western part of the line.

The Centre

Meanwhile at the centre a second Panzerjäger was making a push for the lines where my own anti-tank gun had been - it quickly brushed aside the Maxim gun there and pushed back the entrenched infantry, as such the artillery was again called upon to steady the line, whilst I moved units from the two flanks to reinforce the centre.

The second Panzerjäger punches a hole in the line while an artillery barrage is urgently called upon.

It seems that one of the defenders must have found some courage and a Molotov cocktail, as the second Panzerjäger was on fire by the time it reached the trenches.

With their second Panzerjäger destroyed, the Soviet trenches reinforced and artillery once again raining from the sky, the Germans finally pulled out of the centre.

During the main attack on the West and centre of the line there were also a number of smaller probes through the Southern approach to the village, these were easily dealt with by the Soviet units entrenched within the village.

The remnants of a Southern probe.

By 08:38 it seemed that the battle was over as all German attacks had been repulsed, when suddenly a third Panzerjäger charged alone towards the Eastern flank directly to the rear of my entrenched Maxim gun.

The Panzerjäger, presumably crewed by fanatics or those enraged by the loss of the two previous vehicles, fired a single shot at the Maxim from close range, which went high, after which they attempted to reverse away.

On the way out they received a cocktail for their trouble.

And with the Germans offered a Cease Fire, which, lacking the means to counter attack, was accepted at 08:44, 42 minutes after first contact.


Although the defence was a success, the Germans have tightened their grip on the village, and all might yet be lost if the 158th Tank Brigade cannot break through in time...

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Re: Graviteam Tactics AAR / Video Series

Post  hinkel1 on Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:54 pm

looking forward for the next one

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