aar 13 oktober 1940

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aar 13 oktober 1940 Empty aar 13 oktober 1940

Post  hinkel1 on Fri Oct 14, 2016 8:02 pm

first flight

Tophat vectored us towards France to intercept returning enemy fighters. Just N of boulogne we encoutered 4 109's. sqdrn ldr dixon engaged 1 enemy 109. I failed to follow up the attack en turned to stay with the leader. We were quicky in a disavantage en returned towards England. Near Dungeness the 109's caught up with us and I was forced to dive out. 2 109 followed me in and near the deck I received a hit that blew away 1 aireron. I managed to looses the engaging 109's and rtb at an airfield near the coast.

2nd flight.
spit 1a

we vectored towards an inbound raid near the island of wight. We found the raid just short of the island allready engaged by friendlies from 85 sdrn. We provided cover while they continued there attack. I made 1 pass on a strangler heinkel 111 that was destroyed shorly after by sqdrn ldr Dixon. We headed back east when Flt Lt Speedy vectored to rtb when he saw a lone heinkel 111. We made several passes when sdrn ldr dixon set in on flames. we rtb south of londen to ream and refuel

3rd flight
We we vectored towards inbound raid heading inland from ...... ( fill in here ) .When the raid was located we relocated for a frontal attack. In the mean time fighter from IRRE were allready engaging. During my first headon pass a gunner from a heinkel 111 hit my cockpit and i was wounded in the process. Sqdrn ldr dixon then assisted in escorting me home where i landed saftely and got my wounds treated.


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