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Post  MJDixon on Mon Sep 12, 2016 2:22 am

Razy wanted to know how to make a fancy log book like the ones I've been making for SoW, I've uploaded the page templates to MediaFire, here's a link:

https://www.mediafire. com/?pxhzxhulqnuxc8a   (I added the space in the link as otherwise it sends you to an add page, just remove the space when you put it in your browser.)

What you want to do is go to FlipSnack and sing up (it's free), you can then make your own flip book, using the pages I've provided.

Basically just upload each page in order, starting with the Log Book Cover, then pages 1 - 12, then the Log Book Back Cover (I think the limit for free books is 14 pages, though I never get more than a few pages per campaign anyway) - when you do the upload make sure you check 'merge files', as that will then add the pages to one log book.

Now there are two ways of filling out the actual log, the way I do it is to open up each page in a picture editor like Photoshop, then write in it with the text tool, after which I upload the page to FlipBook and replace the old page.

The easier way would be to upload the template pages, then just use the FlipBook text edit stuff to fill it in there, but whilst easier it will also reduce your options for font and the like to what happens to be on the website.

You can also add interactions to the pages, such as hyperlinks, which I did on mine over the combat reports, which link to a copy of the report itself, you can also put videos and audio and the like if you want.

If you want the hardbook covers like in mine, go to the Layouts tab in your flip book and select the 'Enable hard cover effect' option.

As for how to actually fill it in, just look at mine and try to work it out.  Laughing

Lastly, and most importantly, remember security! Never put our airfield name in your log book, if you want to use an airfield then use either Duxford or Fowlmere, which were the historical 19 Squadron Airfields in the Battle of Britain, and conveniently aren't on the in-game map - also try to avoid specific information that might give the enemy a tactical advantage if they should find your logbook somehow.

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