Safety Notice for Pilots

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Safety Notice for Pilots Empty Safety Notice for Pilots

Post  MJDixon on Mon Jan 19, 2015 6:09 am

In the event of wing damage it is advised not to deploy landing flaps below an altitude of 1000 feet above ground in case of flap damage - Pilots must be keenly aware of the danger of asymmetric flap deployment, and be ready to retract their flaps immediately if such a situation is encountered.

So there I am coming in to land, deploying the flaps only to discover that one side came down and the other stayed up, immediately rolling my aircraft 90 degrees onto its side, rendering the ailerons completely useless until the flaps are retracted, all the while I'm pointing sideways falling out of the sky like a brick at about 300 feet off the ground!

My entire virtual life flashed before my eyes. Shocked

Safety Notice for Pilots J0QzPxH

"I look forward confidently to the exploits of our Fighter Pilots - these splendid men, this brilliant youth, who will have the glory of saving their native land, their island home, and all they love, from the most deadly of all attacks."

- Winston Churchill

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