Aircraft Recognition

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Aircraft Recognition

Post  MJDixon on Thu Jul 05, 2012 11:20 pm

These might be of use, seeing as there are no icons on the realism servers. Razz

(These images are very large, so will probably be cut in half by the forum, if so you'll need to view the images individually)



Note: The Albatros Series are the most common enemy Aircraft we'll face, being as they were in production for most of the air war, going from the Albatros D.II to the Albatros D.V, the main differences in Albatros variant are that the D.II had square wings (in fact I think the silhouette of the Albatros D.V in this guide is actually of a D.II as the wings are square) compared to the D.III and D.V, which have more swept back wing ends, as shown in the photographs on the Albatros D.V guide, other main characteristics of the Albatros being it's overall curved appearance, ie rounded fuselage, round nose, curved tail - not a bad looking crate when you think about it. Razz

Also there are a few other types not listed in these guides, for example the Fokker Eindecker and Fokker E.V, but these are pretty easy to ID on account of them being Monoplanes!

My general rule is, the more curves it has, the more German it is.


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