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Post  MJDixon on Mon Jun 18, 2012 8:44 am

Having flown with Speedy and Hinkel this evening in RoF (WW2OL was being naff) its clear we need to work out some kind of identification system, as we were all in SE5as, there were 2 more SE5as, Hinkel was flight lead, and I didn't know who Hinkel was, who Speedy was, or who anyone else was, subsequently got lost and chased off by a Fokker Dr.1. Razz

So what I propose is two things.

Firstly, the flight lead should be selected beforehand, and he should attatch a red streamer to his Aircraft (which is what they were for, after all.)

Secondly, we need to either select a uniform squadron skin, (i.e. everyone has the 92 Squadron skin, which has 3 while lines on the back of the fuselage) or we each pick an individual squadron as our personal ID, for example I would have 92 Squadron with the 3 stripes, and say Hinkel would have a squadron that has a white zig-zag pattern on the fuselage, and Speedy has a single white stripe - that way we can visually ID eachother.

But then that means we all have to have downloaded and installed the historical skin packs from here:

Thankfully these issues will go away once we've got our personalized skins - but that will only apply for the SE5as for now, so we'll still need a system for everything else.

Identification System J0QzPxH

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Identification System Empty Re: Identification System

Post  hinkel1 on Mon Jun 18, 2012 7:29 pm

it was indeed rather difficult to see who was who.

I was clearing 6 more of the other who join our flight than I did for you guys as it was so hard to see who was who Smile

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